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Obtaining a mortgage is one of the most important decisions you may ever make, and with so many choices and ongoing decisions; the right advice can have a huge financial impact. To be best prepared, many potential buyers will seek a pre-approved mortgage before they shop for a home. This allows them to establish a price limit on their purchase.
When applying for a pre-approval, there is absolutely no cost, hidden fees, or obligation to use a broker. Aquity Mortgage is an active member of the Better Business Bureau and has helped tens of thousands of Canadians with their mortgages.

First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Getting the financing for your first mortgage, on the other hand, can be an unnerving experience. Aquity Mortgage is here to make the Canadian first time home buyer experience a breeze. This valuable page will show you how to make home buying a reality today.

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Mortgage Renewals and Transfers

In most cases, Canadians renew their mortgage every 3-5 years. CMHC stats show that over 50% of all Canadians accept the first rate their bank offers. Aquity Mortgage is here to earn your business not only by providing great service, but also the LOWEST MORTGAGE RATES in CANADA. Our mortgage renewal page will show you how to secure the lowest rate possible when your mortgage is up for renewal.

  • Aquity Mortgage will show you how to renew your mortgage without paying any legal fees or costs.
  • Learn great tips on reducing your amortization.

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Debt Consolidation

This page will show you how to use the valuable equity in your home to pay off high interest credit cards. Aquity Mortgage will also show you how to reduce your monthly debt load and pay your mortgage off faster. Find out why more and more people are using this mortgage option.

  • Aquity Mortgage will give you tips on reducing your debt.
  • Access current mortgage charts showing you the effectiveness this product.
  • Learn how to pay off your debt with little or no cost.

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No Money Down Mortgage

If you have a good credit rating and job stability, the No Money Down Mortgage may be for you. This page will show you how to stop renting and start owning a home today!

  • Aquity Mortgage will show you what's required in order to qualify for this mortgage.
  • You can use this product to refinance your mortgage up to 100% for Debt Consolidation.
  • If you have good credit and a steady income, but no down payment, find out how this mortgage may be right for you.

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Mortgages for Self-employed

These programs award the self-employed by allowing alternative documentation to qualify for the mortgage; no tax assessments or pay stubs. Our self-employed clients have taken full advantage of this program to complete their mortgage transaction and have praised the lenders for this long awaited alternative.

  • This mortgage applies to all business owners, contractors, consultants and commission sales people.
  • Aquity Mortgage will structure a mortgage to fit almost any income and credit situation.
  • With a clean credit history you can finance up to 90% of your property value.

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Variable Rate Mortgage

This page will show you why the variable rate mortgage is one of the most popular mortgages in Canada. There are many options when it comes to the variable rate mortgage and Aquity will customize a variable rate product to fit your needs!

  • An up-to-date history chart that shows the benefits of the Variable Rate Mortgage.
  • Looking for short term financing with a low rate? Aquity has a variable rate mortgage that will fit your needs!

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Instead of relying on high interest credit cards or loans, or incurring a penalty to refinance your existing mortgage, consider the Home Equity Line of Credit as your solution to access finances. If you have at least 10% equity built in your home, you can start a HELOC and free funds to use however you wish: home renovation, dream vacation, tuition, or even finance a new property purchase. Contact Aquity today.

  • Low variable interest rate, based on current prime.
  • Allows for pre-payment with no penalties and interest-only payments.
  • Use funds toward any purpose you choose.
  • Re-advance credit up to your limit with no need to re-qualify.

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Commercial Mortgages

Looking for commercial mortgages? Aquity Mortgage has access to some of the best commercial mortgage rates in Canada. Our mortgage lenders offer loans for everything from gas stations to office towers. We help companies in Canada to get the lowest rate mortgages possible.

  • Aquity Mortgage will structure your commercial loan to fit your needs.
  • We will show you how to save money on your next commercial loan or renewal.
  • Interested in purchasing a multi-family property? We have special programs designed for multi-family investors.

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Note: Posted rates are for residential mortgages only. Commercial mortgage rates may be higher.

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