Lowest Rate Guarantee-Rules

posted Oct 19, 2009, 9:44 PM by Bob Patel, AMP   [ updated Oct 2, 2012, 9:29 AM ]

Lowest Rate Guarantee - Program Rules

Aquity Mortgage will provide you with the lowest fixed rate mortgage of any licensed lender or pay you $250.00. A similar mortgage must be for the same property, term and mortgage loan amount with the same or lower closing costs. To receive a competitive mortgage rate adjustment, either fax or deliver to Aquity Mortgage, a copy of the competitor's good faith estimate and documentation of the property, mortgage rate, term, mortgage loan amount and closing costs. Documentation must be dated the same or no more than seven days later than the original Aquity Mortgage application. Good faith estimate and other documentation must be received by Aquity Mortgage within seven days of your original Aquity Mortgage application.


This guarantee applies to 

Aquity Mortgage 

fixed rate mortgage application written between September 30, 2012 and November 30, 2012.  Then compared to 
another lender's Firm Offer (as defined below), our fixed rate mortgage will have a lower interest rate or Aquity Mortgage will either beat the other lender's rate or pay you $250.00. Aquity Mortgage and the competitor's mortgage must have the same subject property, term, discount points, loan amount and have same or lower costs. Lowest Rate Guarantee applies to first lien products only. The guarantee does not apply to second lien products. The Guarantee only applies to properties within Aquity Mortgage’s designated lending areas.

How Does This Guarantee Work

You must apply with Aquity Mortgage first. You then have seven calendar days to return to us proof of a lower rate on a similar fixed rate mortgage (same subject property, term, loan amount and same or lower costs) (the "Firm Offer"). To receive the competitive rate adjustment, you must deliver to Aquity Mortgage, the competitive mortgage Good Faith Estimate and proof of product similarity (same subject property, term, loan amount and same or lower costs) within seven calendar days of the original Aquity Mortgage application. Competitor Good Faith Estimate and proof of product similarity must be dated the same or no more than seven days later than the original Aquity Mortgage application. Aquity Mortgage reserves the right to verify that the other lender's offer is accurate. If Aquity Mortgage is unable to provide you with the lower fixed rate mortgage and you close the loan with the competing lender on the quoted terms, Aquity Mortgage will pay you $250. To be eligible for the $250 you must mail to Aquity Mortgage a certified copy of the Mortgage Settlement Statement. The documents must be accurate and disclose that the loan closed on the terms and conditions, including rate lock expiration period, as previously disclosed in the Good Faith Estimate and proof of product similarity.

Aquity Mortgage, in its sole discretion, will make all determinations of eligibility and qualification for payment of this Guarantee. The Guarantee is subject to revision or revocation by Aquity Mortgage at any time without notice. Aquity Mortgage is not responsible for system failures, communication problems or connection and server problems, natural or man-made, failed, incomplete or delayed transmissions, technical malfunctions of telephone networks, computer equipment, system or software, computer time and date stamp mechanism, or any combination thereof, or other unforeseeable events beyond the control of Aquity Mortgage.

Aquity Mortgage's own fixed rate cannot be considered a competitive rate during seven day guarantee period. Lowest Rate Guarantee excludes all adjustable rate and no frills mortgages as well as all subordinated-lien loans.