Refinance Mortgage

Refinance Mortgages

...its easier than you think!!

  • Do you need extra money for your child’s education, home renovations or unexpected expenses?
  • Do you feel like you aren't getting anywhere financially?
  • You are making on your bills but the balances stay the same, or actually increase?
  • Is the daily stress of being short of cash wearing you down?
  • Does a financially secure retirement sound like an impossible dream?
  • Would moving all of your debts into one low, easy to handle monthly payment be helpful?

Consider using the equity in your home to fulfill your needs...

You can refinance to up to 100% of the current value of your home, lower your monthly debt payments and give yourself some breathing room.

A quick mortgage refinance will allow you to move on with life. The time between application, approval, appraisal and loan closing can be as quick as 2 weeks

Cash in your pocket and creditors off your back.
At we deal with Canada's major banks and trust companies as well as some private lenders for those difficult situations. 

We negotiate mortgages for clients on a daily basis.  It is all that we do!  By shopping the banks daily, we know where to take your mortgage for the best rate and terms.  You won't have to speak to the bank, we do it for you so refinancing is easy.

A quick story for you...
Recently we had a client approach us with three mortgages and $30,000 in credit card debt. All the payments added up to $2,500 per month. These payments were being made from after tax dollars. In other words, these clients had to earn $40,000 per year just to pay these debts not including all their other living expenses.

This placed an awful burden on the family resources from a financial point of view not to mention the burden on a personal and emotional level. All debts added up to $128,000 and they owned a home with a value of $140,000.

We were successful in combining all their debts into one new mortgage at a low monthly payment of $975,a savings of $1,525.00 per month. Their local bank branch offered them a new line of credit to consolidate these debts but when we looked at the math refinancing the mortgage was the best solution!

Needless to say these clients were very happy with the results and felt that a burden was lifted off their shoulders. They are now able to concentrate on savings for their retirement by contributing to their RRSP and using the tax refund to pay down their mortgage.
Best of all this service was provided free of charge as we were paid by the lender. Every financial situation is different.  Call us today to discover

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